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ten years of hard work

Rory is celebrating over at Weather Defender! Swift Weather has ten years of weather safety services under its belt, and the company is only growing stronger. Be sure to click over to his company blog and catch up on company news. And then add the Weather Defender blog to your reader. They update a few times each week and often share the glowing testimonials Rory and his team have rightly earned.
Well done, Rory.

Rory's podcast

My husband's company has just launched the newest edition of Weather Defender. They are in the marketing phase of the release and last week Rory was featured on CodeRed podcast. If you don't quite know what Rory does be sure to listen by clicking here.

Rory's Art

I often forget this, until I remember it. Rory is a true artist. He really has an eye for colors and size and shape and texture. And it always shocks me because my dad never seemed to have opinions about home decor. But Rory does...and not only does he care, but he's got really great taste.

His new software, Weather Defender is proof of his artistry. He created the entire site, and figured out every hue and saturation point for every color used for the radar in his new program. And it's gorgeous. When severe weather is shown on Weather Defender, it shouldn't be so scary because it is displayed as a rainbow of beautiful colors. :)

Check his art out at:



This may be the biggest news of our year…and probably part of the reason life has seemed so charged and busy lately. After 18 months as a one-man-band programming the software, building the webpage, creating user forums for clients to connect with each other, writing a detailed 100 page user manual, figuring out the payment process and vendoring at his second trade show, Rory has crossed the finish line!

The program he wrote has over 63,000 lines of code that he hand typed. When I look at this code it looks like emails that my niece Mara types to me. But every backslash and abbreviated word means something. If you were to put this code in book form it would be a 1,000 page novel.

The release went as smoothly as anyone could hope for. Rory has received incredible feedback from his former subscribers, thrilled and overwhelmed at how improved and impressive this new software is.

So check it out!

Rory's best coworker

Exciting things are happening at Weather Defender...Rory took out a lease on an office space in Omaha and is in the middle of reading through many applications to hire a programmer who can help him with all the future projects he has in his head.

But one Weather Defender supporter has kept a lower profile, though his support has been steadfast, his involvement sometimes too close (he likes to walk across keyboards) and his unconditional love of Rory, priceless.