summer worship

This spring Rory and I took turns going up to the barn for quiet time. When I was up there I would read my Bible and pray. It was a really incredible time when God's Word was coming to life in all sorts of ways. (It always does, by the way, we just need to be committed to opening up the book and listening to what he is saying!)

Each day I found a new scripture and wrote it on the dry wall. For a week straight every scripture I found had something to do with trees planted and bearing fruit. It was really amazing. God was speaking and I was hearing him. 

When I went up there I would look on the walls to see what Rory had written on the walls early that morning. In a really sweet way it was sort of like leaving love notes for each other. It felt intimate to read what God had been pouring into him earlier that day.

As a result of those weeks of prayer Rory felt we should hold a Sunday night time of worship throughout the summer.  And even though I was super duper pregnant and about to add a newborn to the mix, I was totally on board. I think because the Lord had been speaking to me, too. It felt like a natural outpouring from our own times of prayer.
We started the first Sunday of June and had no agenda other than: 1) Sing and Worship 2) Pray 3) Pray for Healing 4) Seek the Spiritual Gifts. Rory and I never planned a thing. We walked out to the barn with everyone else and had no notion of how we would fill the next hour. It was truly the body being the body. If anyone had a song, or a word or a scripture or a prayer request or a testimony they could share it whenever they wanted. Our only parameters were that we began right at 7 and ended right at 8 for bedtimes.
My friend Lacy took these pictures from our last night of Worship which was on Sunday night. Every week the mix of people was different, with a few faithfuls who came every week all summer long. But as you can see in these pictures, we were overflowing with kids! This last night there were 18 kids under 8! and only 20 adults. That is a wild ratio. And great for a joyful noise. And this last night was our only night all summer when it rained a bit. Which is really loud and fun up in that metal barn!
And as God faithfully does, he gave us a really good gift this summer. My kids loved having it each Sunday night and I felt a special joy that they took such ownership in the evening, just like I felt such ownership in my church growing up. Sometimes they colored on the walls, this last time there was play dough. Sometimes they sat and sang with us. But the best part was always Sunday night after they were put to bed and we'd hear them singing the songs we sang earlier that night. There is a special joy in passing on the faith. There is nothing quite like hearing praises come out of  your little one's mouths.

an Alden smile for your Monday morning

I told Rory that when I am most exhausted, an Alden smile will move my energy meter from empty to full. Oh to get the feedback you've been earning since day one! (and while carrying that little life inside!) It's hard earned, but so worth it and so good. That smile says, "I like you. I'm glad you're my mom. Thanks for feeding me all the time. And thanks for changing my diapers right away. You might have noticed I don't like a dirty diaper one bit. So thanks for that. And you're good at what you do. I've noticed how much you have going on, and I think you're amazing."

the poor me's

Well today was the day. Alden turned six weeks today and so far I have felt great mentally and physically. But today I had an epic melt down that came to a head at breakfast when I opened the egg carton and saw there were no eggs. It made me cry big, sorry tears for myself. Because, you know, we have a coop just 20 feet from our front door full of morning eggs. But I was sad I had to go and get them. And that they weren't in the carton waiting for me.

Melt downs are so funny after the fact.

In the moment I was trying to get all four kids fed and out the door so we could take Ivar and Elsie to Kid's Club. And I just didn't want to go because Elsie often is shy and needs me nearby and Hattie is a wanderer and doesn't want to stay in one place and Alden would need a diaper change and a feeding and it was a cold and dreary morning. But I couldn't bow out because Ivar worked so hard on his memory verse for the week and he was so excited to find out how they were going to make their Helmet of Salvation to go with the rest of their armor.

So I felt stuck and tired and did I mention that there were no eggs in the carton?!!

And this situation unplugged the cork and Rory got an earfull.  Everything came tumbling out about how I need to order our books for home school so they arrive before we begin the school year. There was much more, but I will spare you.

Lucky for me, I have a husband who listened to the whole sad story, walked 20 feet and returned with eggs and offered to drop Ivar off at Kid's Club so I could stay home with the other three my eggs.

I ate my breakfast, drank my coffee, took my vitamins, fed the baby, organized my thoughts in a to-do list, started with a few of the items on that list, listened to my favorite worship songs (This is my very favorite lately, and I love this one, and this one) and two hours later the kids and I went to pick up Ivar. We played at the park and I told my sad story to two girl friends and I felt the gift of complete understanding. And then we came home and I ticked a few more things off that to-do list so there isn't quite as much rolling around in my head tonight. Which feels great.

And I made sure there are eggs in the egg carton. Two of them. For me. First thing.

...and crayon on the wall

One day this week I noticed some green crayon scribbled on the wall in our sunny room. Then I saw pencil scribbled on our white window trim. Followed by yellow crayon on our hallway red wall. And then purple crayon on the kitchen cupboards and walls.

I saw all of this at the same time and I was more amazed that I haven't caught ANY of this in the act than I was at my newly embellished walls. Based on the designs, I'd say this graffiti art was done at different times, but definitely the same artist.

Anyway, it made me laugh and realize that clearly there are many things happening in my house of which I am not aware. Again, my bar is so low to keep everyone fed and reasonably happy that other things are definitely slipping through the cracks. Like toddler training on wall art.