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I've been blogging for nine years and love it. I started my blog as a way to keep track of the scrapbook pages I was making through photoshop and eventually the blog morphed into a crafting blog and then into a family blog. At this point anything is fair game and I blog about whatever I want, because this here is where I write down the funny things my kids say, document our growing chickens and show all the latest happenings at the Grovestead. And I try to keep it honest. I like reading blogs that feel real and true, and while I won't likely post a picture of myself with a double chin, I will try to write candidly about our day-to-day.

We moved to a hobby farm six years ago. We have a lot going on at The Grovestead, and sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it's exhausting.  But all in all we are loving this new life. We have hopes and dreams unending, and for every project we complete we find seventeen more to add to the list. It is an awesome and busy and full life.

I'm glad you're here. I obviously blog with the hopes the others will read. Come often and join our adventure.


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I tend to blog about things that I love. And I love a lot of things. I love a good story and I love cookies. I love sitting by a fire. I love my grandma's emails. I love Jesus and big waves and toddlers and scrapbooking. I love Banff, buffalo wings and bleu cheese, an organized desk, sledding, painting and I love playing Settlers of Catan. I love Taste of Home cookbooks, pretty papers, hoodie zip-up sweatshirts, sour patch kids and I love people who live life fully. I love lilacs, riding in Uncle Jake's combine, travel, lightning bugs, speed boat rides and going out to eat. I love my husband Rory and I love 78 degree weather. I love road trips, creativity, flocks of birds moving in unison, bike rides and train rides. I love my family, taking pictures, camp songs and reading blogs. I love picnics, kayaking, long naps and the color yellow. I love arranging flowers, I love pretty journals, I love our cats and I love my dad's preaching. I love going to the movies, Christmas lights and hawaiian shaved ice. At any point I may very well blog about any of these things.