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head on over to the grovestead blog!

You may have noticed all the icons on my blog are fading away... Not sure why (I had someone design my blog years ago), but whatever. Because for a few years Rory and I have been talking about merging my blog with our farmstead blog, and we are about to take the leap. We have been working together on a brand new website for our farm (it should go up later this week!) where I will still blog as usual about family and life and whatever happens to be on my mind, and we will also use that site as a hub for everything else we are doing on the farm (farm camp, workshops, pastured meat for sale...)

So I recently posted a blog post over there and I wanted to let you know. And hopefully I will begin blogging a bit more regularly again. Because everyday I think of things I want to be writing about. Like how today Elsie said, "so when a king sleeps in his bed and a queen sleeps in her bed, do they just push the two mattresses real close so they can sleep together?" Naturally only queens would sleep on a queen mattress and kings would sleep on a king...

As always, I love that you care about our family and keep tabs on us in this way. I know so many of you who are reading, and I also know there are many that I don't know. But I write with the hopes that someone is interested! So thanks for following along.

You can find The Grovestead website here: 

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