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working together

I have a lot of ideas. I have a lot of enthusiasm. But I also have a whole lot of books half written. That's why God had the good wisdom to give me Rory. Because Rory sees things to completion. I have experienced the joy of this phenomenal trait a lot lately. He believed in Farm Camp and so it came to pass! When it was all over I remember saying to him, "Without you, I believe I would have been 89 years old and still telling anyone who would listen, "I have this idea for a camp at our farm..."

We had such a blast working together. I wrote the devotional books, and he did the layout and art so they looked amazing. I showed him a pencil sketch of the logo I had in my head and he took it to the computer and made it come alive. Each day of camp I showed him the schedule and he made sure each space was set up for us when we arrived. I prepped the food we fed the campers and he had it all set out when it was time to eat. 

Rory has been talking for years about working together as a family towards a common purpose. He calls it a Family Economy and wants our kids to be a part of our work as well. Slowly, we are catching the full vision for what this may look like for the Groves family and it is quite exciting. 

This fall we began working on a revamp of our family farm blog. We wanted to combine everything we were doing in one place: the blogging, Farm Camp, and farm products we grow and sell. And working on that together was also so fun. We have been waiting for a long time, wondering what was ahead for us, and suddenly some parts feel illuminated. 

The new website is evidence of this. So head on over and click around. I'll be blogging from there from now on: 

And one more thing:
If you want to continue to get my blog posts sent to your email, be sure to fill in your email address at the bottom of a blog post on the new site (any post). The subscriptions from joyfullybecca don't transfer to thegrovestead, so you have to enter your email again.

See you there! 

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