Rory's Art

I often forget this, until I remember it. Rory is a true artist. He really has an eye for colors and size and shape and texture. And it always shocks me because my dad never seemed to have opinions about home decor. But Rory does...and not only does he care, but he's got really great taste.

His new software, Weather Defender is proof of his artistry. He created the entire site, and figured out every hue and saturation point for every color used for the radar in his new program. And it's gorgeous. When severe weather is shown on Weather Defender, it shouldn't be so scary because it is displayed as a rainbow of beautiful colors. :)

Check his art out at:


annika said...

you are right! it is very pleasing to the eye! thanks for posting new things. you know, i check your blog everyday so i was getting a little tired of the world market entry! (:

Becca Groves said...

You are the best sister in the whole wide world. I will update it more often now. I'm inspired. And I'm thinking outside of the box as to what I consider art...which broadens my subject matter! :) Being that the scarf I was knitting mom for Christmas is still the size of a hotpad, I need to find other things to report on.