Fused Glass

When Rory and I first got to Omaha we spent some time in the Old Market, a sweet part of down town with fantastic restaurants, cobblestone streets and lots of art galleries. There was one gallery in particular with an artist named Anne Nye (http://www.annenye.com/) whose trade was fused glass. It was stunning...glorious colors, super bright and beautiful.

I told my mom about her work and as it turns out, my mom and Aunt Jan have been learning how to fuse glass down at Venture Out in Mesa. So when we went for the family reunion a few weeks ago, I tried my hand at it and made this plate. The whole process is pretty cool...I'd love to take a class and learn more- the colors turn out so vivid!


annika said...

your plate rocks. mine may stay in a drawer. (: i love you sister. my crafty sis.

sarah in the woods said...

Very pretty! Great for your first time. I'd love to try something like that. Glad to find your blog. (This is Jeremiah's wife.)

Kristin said...

Wow-this is impressive!!!let me know when you have a gallery show!