This may be the biggest news of our year…and probably part of the reason life has seemed so charged and busy lately. After 18 months as a one-man-band programming the software, building the webpage, creating user forums for clients to connect with each other, writing a detailed 100 page user manual, figuring out the payment process and vendoring at his second trade show, Rory has crossed the finish line!

The program he wrote has over 63,000 lines of code that he hand typed. When I look at this code it looks like emails that my niece Mara types to me. But every backslash and abbreviated word means something. If you were to put this code in book form it would be a 1,000 page novel.

The release went as smoothly as anyone could hope for. Rory has received incredible feedback from his former subscribers, thrilled and overwhelmed at how improved and impressive this new software is.

So check it out!

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