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Troy and Sara Groves' Speaking Sessions

When Ivar gets super excited he inhales loudly and yells, "My Cited!"

Well, I just got super excited. Sara emailed me her write ups for the three sessions she and Troy will be teaching while at Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp this summer (July 16th-19th). Tell me how great these conversations will be?!!

This Creative Life (overall title)

Session One (Wednesday Morning) - The Art of Family - While we make intentional plans for work, building a house, or planning a vacation, we often don't think to apply this same intentionality to our family life.  In this session we will explore how family rituals, traditions (however small) and a common faith roadmap can anchor the modern family.

Session Two (Thursday Morning) - Why it Matters - There is a creative heart in every family!  Join us as we discuss how a healthy engagement with the arts can enhance your faith, your family and your own Kingdom imagination!

Session Three (Friday Morning) - Missional Marriage - What does it mean to be in mission together, and why is that important?  Much music has been written about the joys and trials of the Groves' marriage.  Troy and Sara share candidly about their less than perfect, but redemptive journey together in marriage, and helpful lessons learned along the way.

I wrote back immediately and said how excited I am for these teaching sessions, and even more excited for the conversations we as a camp will share casually at the beach or over dinner after hearing these lessons. 

**It's not too late! You can come too! If you're interested in joining us in Alexandria, Minnesota this summer on glorious Lake Carlos, please do! Email Deb the camp registrar for more information: or you can click on this link for the registration form with pricing

My Cited!!!!

an invitation

The first time I heard this song (from a mix cd given to me) I could see these pictures right along with the music.  All of these pictures were taken at Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp, my favorite place on earth. The song made me breathe deeper and I thought, "that's exactly how I feel at Mount I'm breathing deeper."

Mount Carmel is located in Alexandria Minnesota and has been teaching the Bible to all ages for seventy five years. Both sets of my grandparents took their children there when they were little. My parents met through this camp and I have many of my happiest memories at this place.

The camp was founded by the Lutheran Bible Institute, with a focused mission on teaching the scriptures. Today I would consider this place to be a kingdom camp. All denominations are represented. Jesus is the common ground.

Well, I want to share this goodness. And I could not be more excited about this next part.

Troy and Sara Groves are coming this summer to lead a mini week. From a Tuesday night to a Friday afternoon we will gather and learn from two of my favorite theologians. The mini week that Troy and Sara are leading will have three morning sessions: 1) Marriage, 2) Faith and art, and 3) Parenting and technology (Actually, not totally positive on #3...I think it's something like that.)

I AM SO EXCITED! And they're excited too. And I just want to be sure the whole world knows this is happening. Because I would love for you to consider bringing your family.

To summarize, here are the bullets:

  • Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp, Alexandria, MN
  • July 16-19
  • Speakers Troy and Sara Groves
  • Call Deb at Mount Carmel to register: 320-846-2744

Maybe you have another family you like hanging out with that would like to join you. Maybe you have family who live out of town and this could serve as a little mini reunion. Maybe your folks would love to spend some time with their grandkids, and this way you can all enjoy each other while having lots of space too. Maybe you want to come alone or with your spouse. You figure that out. I just want you to come!

The dates are Tuesday evening, July 16th- Friday, July 19th

The website hasn't been updated in a long time, so if you're interested, I'm going to send you right to Deb, the lovely camp registrar who is wonderful and can answer all your questions. Her email is and the camp phone number is 320-846-2744. Ask for Deb. You'll love her.

And I'd be happy to answer your questions too! Leave a comment or drop me a line: beccagroves (at) gmail (dot) com

I've got more to say, but as it turns out, I have more videos to share this week... I'll tell more (daily schedule, lodging options, the thing I love best about Mount Carmel) as the week continues.

And at the risk of sounding like an urgent infomercial, I would encourage you to call soon. My biggest fear (and greatest hope) is that this week fills up fast! So don't delay! Call Deb today!

Two last things:
If you'd like to go for a full week of camp, this is also an option. The Saturday-Tuesday before Troy and Sara's week, Peder Eide will be teaching and leading worship. We had him out at the camp I worked at in Nebraska and loved him. Super upbeat, spirited worship leader.

And if this week doesn't work for you, you can click here to see the whole schedule (I'll write more about this later this week...there are some AMAZING presenters this summer)

And finally, if you happen to know who sings the song on this video, would you kindly tell me? I got it as a gift, tossed the liner cover and can't figure it out for the life of me. I would like to give due credit for a gorgeous song.

Easy Christmas Shopping

Hold onto your hats folks. This is a good deal.

I wrote about how Mrs. Groves, my 10th grade English and History teacher became my sister-in-law here. And in that telling I wrote about how I wondered what her singing voice would sound like. I wondered what kind of music she would write.

Well, fifteen years and ten albums later, I can tell you what Mrs. Groves' music sounds like. It is awesome and the writing often has me looking for the lyrics thinking, "did she really just sing a song about that? I can't believe she just put words to that..."

Sara and Troy are offering a really, super sweet deal this Christmastime. If you're looking for some great gifts for friends, family, teachers, or neighbors this is a great idea.

Right now all Sara Groves CD's are reallysupercheap. If you buy a couple. The breakdown goes like this:
1 CD for $15
2 CD's for $20
3 CD's for $25

So stock up!

Here is my plan.
I'm going to buy lots and lots of her Christmas CD: O Holy Night. This album is awesome. My favorite on this one is To be with You. And It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. And It's True. I actually could list the whole song list here. I really like this one. Couple this CD up with some homemade cookies, and you have one really thoughtful, lovely Christmas gift.

Then I'll get a bunch of Station Wagon CD's. Because this is the perfect gift for a new mama. And this CD with a little baby outfit would be a really classy shower gift. Favorite songs on this one: Beautiful Child and Especially when that baby is Mine. I'm actually off to Target in a minute and am going to dig this one out. I miss those songs right now!

Then I want a bunch of Fireflies and Songs on hand. This one is Rory's favorite. And I adore it too. Lots of songs are about marriage. I remember the first time I heard it I kept backing it up and thinking, "she really just said that. I am so glad she just named that." A really beautiful album, quieter, lots of piano. Beautiful. Favorite songs Love and From this One Place

I am about to list off every one of her albums. But I'll stop after this one. I really do need to get to Target. But this album is my favorite. Start to finish. Love it. I remember driving home from a writing workshop once and listening to Just Showed Up on repeat. Probably eleven times. Favorite songs on this one: Well, the whole thing. No kidding. But I will tell you my AbsoluteAllTimeFavoriteSaraGrovesSong is on this album: Kingdom Comes. Oh that's a good song. And strangely there is no youtube video for this one. (And there are some really odd handmade youtube music videos out there...)

I could list each one of her albums. I love each one, and they sort of each represent a season of my life...funny how music can do that.

Anyway, click on over to get your collection of great Sara CD's to give away this Christmas. And yes, I buy my CD's. I used to have a sweet hook up with my mother-in-law when she was fulfilling the CD orders...she'd give me all of the cd's with cracked jewel cases for free to give away. But now that she doesn't do the order fulfillment I proudly pay and support Troy and Sara! :) And seriously, for five bucks a CD, I'd be really lame not to.

How about you? What is your favorite album or Sara song?