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Troy and Sara Groves' Speaking Sessions

When Ivar gets super excited he inhales loudly and yells, "My Cited!"

Well, I just got super excited. Sara emailed me her write ups for the three sessions she and Troy will be teaching while at Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp this summer (July 16th-19th). Tell me how great these conversations will be?!!

This Creative Life (overall title)

Session One (Wednesday Morning) - The Art of Family - While we make intentional plans for work, building a house, or planning a vacation, we often don't think to apply this same intentionality to our family life.  In this session we will explore how family rituals, traditions (however small) and a common faith roadmap can anchor the modern family.

Session Two (Thursday Morning) - Why it Matters - There is a creative heart in every family!  Join us as we discuss how a healthy engagement with the arts can enhance your faith, your family and your own Kingdom imagination!

Session Three (Friday Morning) - Missional Marriage - What does it mean to be in mission together, and why is that important?  Much music has been written about the joys and trials of the Groves' marriage.  Troy and Sara share candidly about their less than perfect, but redemptive journey together in marriage, and helpful lessons learned along the way.

I wrote back immediately and said how excited I am for these teaching sessions, and even more excited for the conversations we as a camp will share casually at the beach or over dinner after hearing these lessons. 

**It's not too late! You can come too! If you're interested in joining us in Alexandria, Minnesota this summer on glorious Lake Carlos, please do! Email Deb the camp registrar for more information: or you can click on this link for the registration form with pricing

My Cited!!!!


Anonymous said...

me cited too! Looking forward to that time together!

Becca Groves said...

Me too!!!