an invitation

The first time I heard this song (from a mix cd given to me) I could see these pictures right along with the music.  All of these pictures were taken at Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp, my favorite place on earth. The song made me breathe deeper and I thought, "that's exactly how I feel at Mount I'm breathing deeper."

Mount Carmel is located in Alexandria Minnesota and has been teaching the Bible to all ages for seventy five years. Both sets of my grandparents took their children there when they were little. My parents met through this camp and I have many of my happiest memories at this place.

The camp was founded by the Lutheran Bible Institute, with a focused mission on teaching the scriptures. Today I would consider this place to be a kingdom camp. All denominations are represented. Jesus is the common ground.

Well, I want to share this goodness. And I could not be more excited about this next part.

Troy and Sara Groves are coming this summer to lead a mini week. From a Tuesday night to a Friday afternoon we will gather and learn from two of my favorite theologians. The mini week that Troy and Sara are leading will have three morning sessions: 1) Marriage, 2) Faith and art, and 3) Parenting and technology (Actually, not totally positive on #3...I think it's something like that.)

I AM SO EXCITED! And they're excited too. And I just want to be sure the whole world knows this is happening. Because I would love for you to consider bringing your family.

To summarize, here are the bullets:

  • Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp, Alexandria, MN
  • July 16-19
  • Speakers Troy and Sara Groves
  • Call Deb at Mount Carmel to register: 320-846-2744

Maybe you have another family you like hanging out with that would like to join you. Maybe you have family who live out of town and this could serve as a little mini reunion. Maybe your folks would love to spend some time with their grandkids, and this way you can all enjoy each other while having lots of space too. Maybe you want to come alone or with your spouse. You figure that out. I just want you to come!

The dates are Tuesday evening, July 16th- Friday, July 19th

The website hasn't been updated in a long time, so if you're interested, I'm going to send you right to Deb, the lovely camp registrar who is wonderful and can answer all your questions. Her email is and the camp phone number is 320-846-2744. Ask for Deb. You'll love her.

And I'd be happy to answer your questions too! Leave a comment or drop me a line: beccagroves (at) gmail (dot) com

I've got more to say, but as it turns out, I have more videos to share this week... I'll tell more (daily schedule, lodging options, the thing I love best about Mount Carmel) as the week continues.

And at the risk of sounding like an urgent infomercial, I would encourage you to call soon. My biggest fear (and greatest hope) is that this week fills up fast! So don't delay! Call Deb today!

Two last things:
If you'd like to go for a full week of camp, this is also an option. The Saturday-Tuesday before Troy and Sara's week, Peder Eide will be teaching and leading worship. We had him out at the camp I worked at in Nebraska and loved him. Super upbeat, spirited worship leader.

And if this week doesn't work for you, you can click here to see the whole schedule (I'll write more about this later this week...there are some AMAZING presenters this summer)

And finally, if you happen to know who sings the song on this video, would you kindly tell me? I got it as a gift, tossed the liner cover and can't figure it out for the life of me. I would like to give due credit for a gorgeous song.


Marlene said...

AWESOME! We'll be there! (And, I'm assuming there will be evening concerts with Sara, too.)

Becca Groves said...

Yes! I think on Wednesday night will be a concert. Can't wait for you to experience Mount Carmel!


Lacy said...

Oh this is so great!! Our lake cabin that was in our family for over 30 years was sold last fall and it was close to Alex, so we don't have anywhere to vacation, this would be perfect! I'm going to try and get my mom and sisters to go too! Fun, fun! Thanks for the post!

annika said...

That's funny, I just assumed it was Sara singing!
The girls watched the video 10 times tonight! Can't wait for tomorrow.