Childhood Summers

Both sets of my grandparents brought their children to Mount Carmel for a week each year. My parents brought us kids each summer. And now we're bringing our babies.

This song was another one of those songs that when I heard it, I saw these pictures with it. My dad helped me find a few through his slide collection and the rest I scanned this week. That's me in each one of the pictures...a bit self indulgent, but also a really cool way to see how this place has shaped me so. I love the pictures of us playing church in the prayer chapel.

And with me in nearly every picture are my cousins, Sarah and Kathy. Did you catch that our mom's (in their swimsuits) were holding Sarah and me when we were babies, and at the end, that was me and Sarah holding our own babies? I believe we call that full circle. :)

All pictures were taken at Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp in Alexandria, Minnesota 
Music: Childhood Summers by Sara Groves Yep...the same Sara Groves who is going to be teaching at Mount Carmel this summer! Join us!

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annika said...

This is such a beautiful snap shot of a very important part of our childhood! We have watched it several times. Sara's song and your pictures are a perfect fit.