A day at Mount Carmel

I've heard of some whispers of a few readers trying to get to Mount Carmel this summer. Some have emailed their sisters or close friends, forwarding on the post from yesterday, asking if they'd consider going. I'm so pleased! And I want to give you a better feel of what the day to day is like at family camp.

Daily Schedule
Now this is all based on what I've known from years past. But things can change from year to year, so here is my best from what I know:

7:00-8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Morning Praise (family devotion and worship time)
9:30-11:30 Age Group Time
Adults have their own study while the kids go for their own age-specific kids camp. Nursery and Preschool care is provided, and there is programming for elementary, middle and high school age kids.
12:00- Lunch
1:00- Quiet Time
2:00- Beach Opens: Swimming, Boating, Crafts...
4:30- Sometimes an adult discussion small group
5:30- Supper
Evening plans can differ from week to week. Some weeks there is evening worship. Some weeks are geared more towards an earlier bedtime for little kids, so the talent show, campfires, camp concerts, capture the flag etc are moved a bit earlier.
Every night has canteen and each evening the sauna is available for an evening swim, games are in the lodge and conversations are always plentiful.

Housing Options
I have these pictures from a few years back. They kind of give you a feel. But actually, no two cabins are really alike at Mount Carmel. These are some of the nicer ones. There are others that feel a bit more "campy" read: not remodeled yet :)

These are awesome remodeled housekeeping cabins:
inside: (2 bedrooms, living space with futon, bathroom and a small deck looking out at the lake.

This is what a typical Lodge Room looks like. Lodge rooms are the only living spaces air conditioned and feel a bit more like a hotel than a camp.

The Ridge Cabins are my favorite. Tiny and adorable, they feel campy and quaint.
This is the inside of one that has been remodeled. Not all have been remodeled.

There are six new colored cabins. Pretty awesome. And these are available too in the winter for family getaways!

I hope this helps continue to paint a picture for you :)

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[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

You are the best advertisement for Mount Carmel! :)

Anthony and I enjoyed our time there back in the summer of 2008. It was a short and sweet stay, but even so, the camp was beautiful, the atmosphere calming and relaxing, and the company wonderful.

I highly recommend Mt. Carmel to your faithful blog readers!