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the best of 2012

I just spent some very enjoyable time looking through pictures from the last year. Oh my what a year! At the start of twenty twelve we lived in Minneapolis, I was two months pregnant, we still had our cat and Ivar wasn't walking yet. I cannot believe how much happened this year. No wonder I am still finding my footing...

So here, inspired by one of my favorite blogs, I give you the best of 2012 in pictures.

Happy New Year everybody! I'm really excited for the year ahead.

(And here is the best of 2011.)

foggy frost

Last Sunday we woke to the prettiest frost. I just came across the pictures and wanted to pass them along. They made the evergreens look fake. Like the frosted fake trees they sell at the store- the ones that make you think, "that is so phony!" But they were real!

the snowy day


We woke up yesterday to a winter wonderland. I lifted Ivar from his crib to look out the window and he wiggled down saying, "Oh! Snowy Day!" And went and got his book. We've been reading it all fall, telling him that one morning he would wake up and everything would be white.

So we went out after church and naps, made snow angels, dragged sticks, ate some snow (he looked at me amazed) and then he decided we needed some toys in the snow. He went to the garage and got his blue ball and digger truck and we sat in the snow and played with toys. A new snow activity for me.

Things took a turn when he got snow in his boot. And then it was time to go back inside. But we made things right with some warm, dry clothes and a mini mug of hot chocolate.

how lovely are thy branches

Went to the Hampton Hills Tree Farm with Mark and Kathy and Baby Isaac today. Ivar was totally into it. Between Cousin Mark! (always said with enthusiasm), the Christmas Tree, Dad with a saw and Baby Isaac it was a very thrilling day. and Elsie slept through the whole thing. Not sure she even knew we had left our house.
And now to trim the tree!

photo shoot


We have neighbor girls who come over once or twice a week right after school and ask if they can play with my kids. Can you play with my kids? Let's see. It's 4:15, I have no idea what we're going to have for supper, Ivar is cranky, Elsie wants attention and I still need to unload and load the dishwasher. Yes, you can play with my kids!


Sometimes they bring their horses. Which is basically like hiring a petting zoo to come and hang out in the front yard for a while. Today they asked politely, "can we dress Elsie up in different outfits for a photo shoot?" And since I basically invented that game, that's what we did. But we only made it through two outfits before Elsie informed us that she was done. Models can be so temperamental.

**Stay tuned for Elsie's first photo shoot from the end of August with her cousin Josie. We got through lots of newborn outfits that day. And now she's in six month clothes!

blue and green

Mesa was filled with bright blue skies and bright green palm trees. I soaked up these colors and now I'm trying to figure out how to decorate a room, or paint a picture or revamp some part of my life to include these bright, glorious colors.
We got to watch this guy for a while, painting the bluffs ahead of us. I would love to try this one set up an easel, to squirt out a rainbow of colors and play with paints while soaking up some sunshine. It just seemed like a very happy, content past time. We had a family picnic in the desert and honestly this is the best part of a trip to Mesa: family time. My grandma has been going to this place, Venture Out, for over 30 winters. And now my folks go for part of the winter, as do my aunts and uncles Jan and Don and Wayne and Judy. It's basically a family reunion every winter that goes on for weeks at a time. Everyone rides their bikes or golf carts from place to place, involved with stained glass or wood working or card games or Bible studies or stamping groups and it makes for one dreamy picture of retirement

Yes, this is my dad going to church on Sunday morning, ready to hop on his bike in his suit and tie.

snow drifts in nebraska

The thing we are still getting used to in Nebraksa is the wind. It is amazing. Even in the summer it is impressive how windy it can get with no buildings or hills or mountains to block it. This winter the wind has given us three blizzards.

Blizzards move the snow around so some areas are left without a whole lot of snow. But wherever the snow is collecting it can make some impressive drifts. We drove down this road today, a few blocks from our house, and had to get out to take some pictures. I'm only in there for perspective but based on the fact that I am 5' 10'', those are some large snow piles.