how lovely are thy branches

Went to the Hampton Hills Tree Farm with Mark and Kathy and Baby Isaac today. Ivar was totally into it. Between Cousin Mark! (always said with enthusiasm), the Christmas Tree, Dad with a saw and Baby Isaac it was a very thrilling day. and Elsie slept through the whole thing. Not sure she even knew we had left our house.
And now to trim the tree!


sarah in the woods said...

The baby sleeping part is always the best. :)

Rory said...

When we got home and I was putting Ivar down for his nap I talked to him about the day:

Rory: "What did we do today?"
Ivar: "Christmas tree!"
Rory: "And who was there?"
Ivar: "Kathy and Mark."
Rory: "Kathy and Mark and who else?"
Ivar: "Baby Jesus."

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

This post is *almost* convincing me to give in to my husband and get a real tree next year. Never had one before; scares me a little. {sigh} :)

But it does looks like a lovely day - the kind family memories are made of! Perhaps I can "go with the flow" and do this for a change (next year) in honor of that... TBD LOL.