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photo shoot


We have neighbor girls who come over once or twice a week right after school and ask if they can play with my kids. Can you play with my kids? Let's see. It's 4:15, I have no idea what we're going to have for supper, Ivar is cranky, Elsie wants attention and I still need to unload and load the dishwasher. Yes, you can play with my kids!


Sometimes they bring their horses. Which is basically like hiring a petting zoo to come and hang out in the front yard for a while. Today they asked politely, "can we dress Elsie up in different outfits for a photo shoot?" And since I basically invented that game, that's what we did. But we only made it through two outfits before Elsie informed us that she was done. Models can be so temperamental.

**Stay tuned for Elsie's first photo shoot from the end of August with her cousin Josie. We got through lots of newborn outfits that day. And now she's in six month clothes!


Jamie Willow said...

cracking up at your "I basically invented that game" comment...I love dressing my boys must be a girl thing :) the years between dolls and real live babies were a dry spell for :)

Melanie Pitts said...

Yay for the neighbor girls who want to play during the late afternoon crescendo of Motherhood difficulties. What is it with those funny little hours in a day? What a blessing those girls are!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Aw, great pics! Love them and Elsie is just a doll. And Presley is in 6-month clothes already too! Cray-cray! But love these chubby babes.