harrington christmas

Here's my favorite picture from Christmas: The angel Gabrielle, complete with clip on earrings, surrounded by a multitude of heavenly pop cans. Did you know my dad and I have collected pop cans since I was in 3rd grade? We have most of their basement walls covered in our colorful collection. All of them are empty. And the funny part is that our family doesn't actually drink that much pop. But we're always on the lookout for new cans.
We had a great Christmas, eating, hanging out, sledding and taking darling pictures of my sister holding my babies. 
 We didn't have that much snow, but what we did have was like a sheet of ice. After a few runs, the ice broke up and the run was slower, but those first few times down this hill were crazy fast. Elsie actually hit a bush at the bottom of the hill, shot out of her sled into the bush, then back out onto the snow. I started running towards her, concerned if she was okay, but saw out the corner of my eye my sister's shoulders shaking. And I got the giggles. Thankfully Elsie was totally fine so that when I got to her we all got to laugh a long, hard, slapstick laugh.
Grandma gave Hattie a tea set and my dad did all of the dishes. Do you know he does this at every family gathering? He just stations himself by the sink until they're all done. Impressive.
And then Sonna got my camera again and I found all these pictures from unique perspectives. Like Mara and Alden upside down. It was a good family Christmas.

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Nancy Holte said...

Love when kids get a hold of cameras. Great pictures! (Your's, too! )