groves family christmas

It was another happy celebration with the Groves. This year had some new games and a time for family prayer. I was a fan. We did the Christmas Box which will always be a very favorite part of the entire Christmastime for me. I love that tradition. 

We had two eating areas this year...the down stairs was lovely, and made for a fun place for Oma Zina and the cousins. 
Alden was super chill, as always. My favorite parts of the day all have to do with Ivar. First, he opened his gift from Mimi and Papa and got Magic Tracks. He was overjoyed and so thrilled. Later when we gave our gifts to our secret stocking person, he was thrilled to finally reveal that he had Elsie's name. He worked on a card for her for days and days that said 'Elsie is pretty, smart, fun and a helper.' He also gave her a unicorn headband, and a lego set. Also, when Josie revealed that she had Ivar for her stocking person, he screamed a loud shrill. He was just so happy and excitable the whole day.

Finally, he was the winner for the dice rolling/unwrap the present with mittens game. He won a $25 gift card to Walmart and could not contain his excitement. He said, "this is my year! I found the almond in the rice pudding at Grandma's and now this!!"

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