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Best of 2017

2017 is a funny year in my mind. I honestly don't feel like we did too much out of routine, except birth a whole lot of new life. Which counts! But as far as our day in and day out life, we are pretty much in a family groove. 

New to this year is the fact that Rory and I wake up each day around 6:00 to pray together. This has become a saving grace for me. The joy of the Lord truly is my daily strength. It is a precious time of peace before the day begins with breakfast, chores, home educating, lunch, naps, quiet time, play time, trips to the library, playdates, lots of time outside, art class, gym class friends over, followed by dinner, church stuff, meetings and an early bedtime for all. 

Rory is very involved in the community as the chairman of the Women's Center in town that helps mother's during their pregnancy and after their baby has arrived. He serves on our police reserves, is an elder at our church and heads up our church safety ministry, overseeing the children's areas and ushers on Sunday mornings. And he runs the farm. And works a job to earn money. Ha! 

I lead our home school mom's support group in town and teach 3-6 year old Sunday school. I feed everyone three times a day, get the groceries and like to keep a tidy house. This year I have made big strides in my homemaking skills, something I have fought for a long time (turns out, you have to do it all anyway, whether you like it or not!) and have found a better attitude towards the daily mundane. It's still work, but on the whole, I'm way more content and positively grateful for this role I have each day with my kids in my home. 

I give you 2017, beginning last January and moving through the calendar year on the farm.

 **I've been doing these year end posts since 2011! I'm so amazed by that. Click here to see the years past...

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Nancy Holte said...

You are amazing! Really, I'd like to be you. Except, I wouldn't make a good farm girl. :)