...and crayon on the wall

One day this week I noticed some green crayon scribbled on the wall in our sunny room. Then I saw pencil scribbled on our white window trim. Followed by yellow crayon on our hallway red wall. And then purple crayon on the kitchen cupboards and walls.

I saw all of this at the same time and I was more amazed that I haven't caught ANY of this in the act than I was at my newly embellished walls. Based on the designs, I'd say this graffiti art was done at different times, but definitely the same artist.

Anyway, it made me laugh and realize that clearly there are many things happening in my house of which I am not aware. Again, my bar is so low to keep everyone fed and reasonably happy that other things are definitely slipping through the cracks. Like toddler training on wall art.


Nancy Holte said...

Hysterical! BTW, baking soda and a little water on a cloth will take the crayon right off. Not sure about pencil, however!
Just remember, you're gonna miss this! :)

Kari van Wakeren said...

Love, love, love this pic, and what you're reading!!! :)