the poor me's

Well today was the day. Alden turned six weeks today and so far I have felt great mentally and physically. But today I had an epic melt down that came to a head at breakfast when I opened the egg carton and saw there were no eggs. It made me cry big, sorry tears for myself. Because, you know, we have a coop just 20 feet from our front door full of morning eggs. But I was sad I had to go and get them. And that they weren't in the carton waiting for me.

Melt downs are so funny after the fact.

In the moment I was trying to get all four kids fed and out the door so we could take Ivar and Elsie to Kid's Club. And I just didn't want to go because Elsie often is shy and needs me nearby and Hattie is a wanderer and doesn't want to stay in one place and Alden would need a diaper change and a feeding and it was a cold and dreary morning. But I couldn't bow out because Ivar worked so hard on his memory verse for the week and he was so excited to find out how they were going to make their Helmet of Salvation to go with the rest of their armor.

So I felt stuck and tired and did I mention that there were no eggs in the carton?!!

And this situation unplugged the cork and Rory got an earfull.  Everything came tumbling out about how I need to order our books for home school so they arrive before we begin the school year. There was much more, but I will spare you.

Lucky for me, I have a husband who listened to the whole sad story, walked 20 feet and returned with eggs and offered to drop Ivar off at Kid's Club so I could stay home with the other three my eggs.

I ate my breakfast, drank my coffee, took my vitamins, fed the baby, organized my thoughts in a to-do list, started with a few of the items on that list, listened to my favorite worship songs (This is my very favorite lately, and I love this one, and this one) and two hours later the kids and I went to pick up Ivar. We played at the park and I told my sad story to two girl friends and I felt the gift of complete understanding. And then we came home and I ticked a few more things off that to-do list so there isn't quite as much rolling around in my head tonight. Which feels great.

And I made sure there are eggs in the egg carton. Two of them. For me. First thing.

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