my 2013 one little word

This has become a very favorite part of my new year. Inspired by Ali Edwards, I have chosen one little word to be my focus for the year ahead. The first year my word was trust. The next year my word was try. Last year my word was kitchen table (yes, that is two words). And I am really excited about my word for this year.

This word came to me early in December while sitting in a hot bath. The word hit me and I thought, "well that's it. That's my 2013 word."

And the word is: Reflect. I thought of it because as I sat in that tub I was aware that I was taking time to think. It was quiet and I was thinking through how I spend my time. Why I react like I do. And wondering if a few changes might make a big difference in my day to day. I was taking time to reflect. It felt like I was finally taking a big deep from my belly.

I love this. I love what this word invites. 2012 was a busy year with a lot of change. And I think I am just now actually realizing how much transition I am still feeling. There is a lot to reflect on.

Already I have started writing a reflection piece on why we made the move from the city to the country. Look for that later this week.

I want to make monthly goals and take time at the end of each month to see what I accomplished and what didn't get done. And then think about the large projects that didn't get done. Why didn't I do them? Do I really want to do them? Can I let these ideas and dreams go?

I want to reflect on why I react to certain things in certain ways. I want to think about how I spend my time and how I might spend it differently, being sure to eek every bit of life out of my days.

And I want to be a reflection of the one who made me. I can only do that by listening for his voice, reading his word, living by his commands, trusting in his promises.

So Reflect. To look backwards. To live forwards. To be present in the moment at hand and live it fully and with purpose.

It's going to be a good year, little word!


I cannot tell you how powerful this little annual practice is. Can't really explain why it is, but something happens when a year is given this sort of focus. It transforms the mind. Gives some clarity and deep hope for the 365 days ahead. If you'd like to join in, please do! You can go here to see Ali's list of little words to choose from if you're having trouble picking one. And let me know what you choose. I'd like to know!

And soon I will reflect on my 2012 two-little-words: kitchen table. A final report card will be given.


Mary Jago said...

love,love, love this!!

Mary Jago said...

Oh Becca - I am sad you may be here when we are gone but that is life!! And we are happy you can be with SArah's! That may help pass the time for Stella and Ida when Grandma and Grandpa are gone. Love you!!

Unknown said...

My word: trust

Becca Groves said...

Louie, we're going to have to figure something out. It really is too much of a shame to have Ivar miss Uncle Yak and Auntie Lou Lou.

And Beth, love it. It's a grounding word, a good one to remember when life feels unpredictable.

Molly said...

Becca- I found your blog through my sister and have enjoyed it ever so much. I just became a new mom three weeks ago, so your posts have been ever so lovely to read. So much love abounds with new life...crazy. My word for 2013 is FOCUS. I want to focus on my baby girl, focus on God, focus on my husband, focus on the present. I've enjoyed thinking about this word as I nurse and helping me enjoy the moment before me. My sisters and I write round robin letters and I decided that this would be are next prompt, so thank you for the post and idea!

Becca Groves said...

Molly, so glad you're enjoying this little blog! Yes! focus on that sweet baby girl. That's the best job in the whole wide world.

And I would LOVE to hear more about this round robin letter you and your sisters send each other (with prompts?!!) This sounds amazing!!!