Elsie's Dedication

In both of my pregnancies I felt such an awareness of God's hand in the creation of these tiny beating hearts. I was so aware that this is God's kid, and that somehow I have been entrusted to love, care and cherish this little life while teaching her the ways she should go. Sunday's dedication was a celebration of God giving us Elsie and a time for us to publicly profess that this little girl is God's child first. We promised to make sure that she knows of His great love for her.

Elsie was given flowers that she grabbed and made into petal confetti right there in front of everyone. And as we took in the words of the pastors, Ivar made his wishes be known by repeating, "Daddo. Go Upstairs. Play Play Play. Eat Donut."

Elsie was surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses driving from all over the cities to join our church for her special day. She wore a dress that I used to wear when I was her age and looked adorable. Special thanks to Auntie Sara who volunteered to change her diaper at the end of service, before any of us knew it was worthy of a costume change.

Sunday was also potluck Sunday. Which was awesome because potlucks are my favorite. I do love a good spread of fluffy jello salads. And it was a super handy way to feed the whole family after church!

(You can click here to see pictures from Elsie's baptism. And I wrote here about why Rory and I have chosen to both baptize and dedicate our kids. She is a very blessed little baby!)


val said...

So beautiful! The occasion, the child, the whole family. love, Val

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

So sweet. Presley's dedication is next month; can't wait. Great pics too. What is Ivar doing in the last one? Dancing? Hugging? Whatever it is, he's adorable, as is Elsie.

Becca Groves said...

He's hugging. He is just learning that he uses his arms to hug. And that's his bff Svea (cousin). They ADORE each other. Lots and lots of hugs :)