my word for the year

Ali Edwards is a digital scrapbook rockstar whose blog I have read for years now. Every January she picks a word that she uses to be her focus for the year...sort of a word to guide her priorities, choices and attention. Last year I tried this, but I chose four words, and honestly, that just isn't that effective. This year she wrote a beautiful post about the word she chose and why she chose it. And recently she posted a huge list of words to choose your own word from.

So I read through the list, and the first time through the list the words that stood out for me were: relax, calm, renew, and peace. But see, that's four words again. And honestly, not one of them really sums it up.

Yesterday in church we sang a song we have sang a lot lately. It's a slower song that sings the words of the 23rd psalm moving into a chorus that sings slowly, "And I will trust in you alone. And I will trust in you alone. Your endless mercy follows me. Your goodness will lead me home."

And I found my word: trust.

The roots of this word are found in my relationship with Christ, and it brings peace to my heart, renewal, rest and causes me to breathe deeper and relax.

If you'd like to listen to a version of the song from church, click here.


Melinda said...

That's a beautiful song! Is it a recording from your church?

sarah in the woods said...

I saw another blogger who did this. It's a really great idea, and your word is perfect.
And about the pictures - I just take a million and find a couple good ones here and there. And natural light does wonders; flash is yucky.

Becca Groves said...

No, I just found that recording on youtube...but you should hear our congregation singing it together!