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no cow farm

While driving back and forth last week between my folks' place and our new place we kept talking about what we should name our new 10 acres. We have been calling it "the farm" but knew there was something more clever and perfect for our new home.

It turns out all of the nice tree and Groves combo names have already been taken by suburbs or middle schools: Maple Grove, Oak Groves, Cedar Park...

When we would tell Ivar we needed to get in the car to go to the farm he would get very excited. But then when we got to the farm the first thing he would do is inspect each building and announce, "no cow. no cow."

He thought we were going to Jake and Louie's farm. The one with cows and tractors and Ida and Stella.

He still looks for the cows each morning and night as we take our family walks around our new property. His neck stretches ahead of his body, hopeful that maybe that little red barn has a moo in it. And then he lets us know, "no cow. no cow."

So for now, we're No Cow Farm. A farm that is hopeful to one day have chickens and maybe bees, certainly a huge garden and fruit trees. And perhaps one day a cow. 


Marisa said...

Hey Becca,
Love the new place. We recently moved out to a plot with no name outside of the city. Hey did you know you can order bee hives online? What will they think of next?
Didos on the chickens, big gardens.. and quiet of the country life. (my husband wants to build a 4 season greenhouse and summer kitchen) Let the projects begin. Can't wait to see your new house in pictures.
Marisa Maloney
(your contest winner from SD)

annika said...

hi sis! our neighbor Tim has his own bees this year and would love to share his experience with you and rory if you want to do that next year.
can't wait to come see you again. i miss you already!

Mary Hess said...

Our neighbors (across the street in St. Paul) have wonderful bee hives up north, and they produce fabulous honey, should you ever need a mentor to help you do bees...