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we're here! *

*Dear Reader,
You probably have noticed by this point that I have not mentioned a whole lot of details as to where "here" actually is. This is intentional. Knowing that this world wide interweb is pretty awesome, but also aware that I tend to share a lot on this blog anyway, we decided not to be quite as specific as to Where our Here is. Obviously I'll blog about local stuff, and you may get a general idea, but let's just say that I won't be putting up our house address like I did in Minneapolis.


We officially moved our family into our new house on Sunday afternoon. We spent the ten days before that living with my folks, which was a really good decision. It was a great breather between moving out of the old house and moving into the new house. And we used that time to have the bedrooms painted before we moved the stuff in, unpack the kitchen and bathrooms and watch a lot of Olympics.

Now we're living in the midst of boxes.

Newsflash: it is impossible to get much of anything done with a newborn and a one year old. Oh, you knew this? I am learning to let boxes sit in the middle of the room and trying to be okay with it. And I am very grateful for all of the help we've had in moving furniture upstairs, boxes in from the garage and for my mom's help in a much needed trip to Target today.

We are thrilled to be here. Feels like a vacation home so far. We adore this house and the land it is on and keep talking about how the whole move just feels so right. And that is a really good feeling.

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[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! Let us know when you're accepting visitors. We can't wait to pop down for a toddler boy/baby girl playdate. We'd love to bring you some Jimmy John's. :)