You are so noisy at night. Your dad said to me a few nights back, "it's like we have a smoke detector with low batteries." And it sort of is. You squeak, grunt, gurgle, swallow, cough, coo, sigh and smack your lips all night long. Our little squeaker, we love you so much.

We thank you for your sleeping habits. So far, so good. You are a joy to feed (after some serious hard days in the beginning) and I treasure our special nursing times with me half asleep in the glider rocker in your nursery looking out over our new yard. It's good stuff, Elsie. And I am so glad for the good reason to sit down every three hours and to put my feet up. God knew what he was doing when he built in this regular rest time into a mama's daily routine.

You go with the flow, and are pretty kick back. But you also let us know when it's time to pay attention to you and give you some snuggles. After a crazy first three weeks of moving houses and getting settled in, it is time to stay put and snuggle. And that's the plan from here on out. I can't wait.

You could not be any sweeter little girl.
We love you so much.
Love, your very happy mama

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