remember this list?

This picture is from my 30th birthday. A lovely, lovely day full of Shannon-made details.

So apparently last year I made a list of 30 things to accomplish in my 30th year.  I hardly remember doing so. But since I turn 31 on Sunday, it seemed time to check off the items accomplished. The funny thing about this list is that I wrote it in haste. I was just trying-to-get-a-blog-post-out-fast. So some are inspired, and some feel like filler. Even a year later I can sniff out the filler. Here's the update:

1. New hair color and style  (a couple times. done and done)

2. Host a Favorite Things party (nope. didn't do it. still would LOVE to though.)

3. Join the Y (joined and dropped our membership six months later... I loved the classes though)

4. Learn how to use the manual mode on our camera (ugh. no. I want to be able to take amazing pictures so badly. This might be the year for a class or workshop...)

5. Make a small quilt (nope.)

6. Keep a prayer journal (I did for a while)

7. Use my water colors (I did!!!)

8. Join a creative arts club (I still want to!!!)

9. Create a place where Bible can stay out all the time (sort of. it's on a book shelf...not open though.)

10. Make modge podge art scenes (done.)

11. Collect frames for wall collages (I have so many it's ridiculous.)

12. Print pics, fill frames and hang on the wall (I cannot believe this has been on my mind for a year now. Must accomplish this asap.)

13. Paint the bedroom (done!)

14. Make this kind of bread (I did! And it was decent. I need a second go around)

15. Pick color scheme for wardrobe overhaul (back in maternity. if it fits, I wear)

16. Finish and print 2010 digi scrapbook pages (yup.)

17. Make lemon ice and eat it with my sister (no! tragedy!)

18. Get a consistent plan together for visiting Mount Olivet Home (nope)

19. Honor the Sabbath (pretty good)

20. Eat more veggies (yes. I love snow peas. All the time.)

21. Write and mail letters by hand (lots and lots of thank you notes. does that count?)

22. Introduce Ivar to Lake Superior (Yes. a definite highlight of my 30th year of life.)

23. Make cupcakes with large decorating tip (hmmm...don't think so.)

24. Try a few new soup recipes (Yes. LOTS!)

25. Find a monthly mom's group (even better...weekly. adore it.)

26. Keep writing (good job, Becca!)

27. Make a picture slide show for Grandma's party (not quite. but I posted so much on this blog...)

28. Present my 'Passing on the Faith' workshop (a variation. felt good.)

29. Frequent the library (all the time. it's our favorite place to walk to)

30. Grow fresh herbs (in the garden. can't wait for fresh basil in the garden again...)
Reflection: Not too bad. A few stand out that I still really want to accomplish: a favorite things party, lemon ice, printing pictures and putting frames on the walls, photography class. But not too bad all in all. Good job, 30 year old Becca. And way to eat more veggies. (filler!)


[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Can I invite myself to your Favorite Things party? :)

Amanda B. said...

Love your list! And I'm glad to see you didn't manage to get it all done (who could with a little one in your home?) I HIGHLY recommend taking the Beginning Digital Photography Class at the MPLS Photo Center...I took it just a couple of months ago. I learned so much---I never use my camera out of manual mode now. Worth every penny!