how does your garden grow?

We have had so much fun with our garden. The strategy for this year was to plant a little of everything, learning what we like to eat, what we wish we had more of, and what just didn't turn out. If that was the goal, then we have completely succeeded. The only serious issue we have had was with the zuccini and squash that were both enjoyed by some sort of gross worm. Unfortunately, the days they started to wilt were those horribly hot days last week and we just assumed it was the heat that was making them look so sickly. But it was the worms. Bummer.

Other than that though, we have been enjoying this garden with our whole hearts. We eat salads from the lettuce, used the peppers in taco meat, roasted the broccoli, picked the raspberries for our cereal, and eat the sugar peas like they're candy.
You can read more about the building of this garden by clicking here.

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sarah in the woods said...

Your garden looks beautiful . . . and you actually have food! Way to go!