I have had people ask, "Why do you live in Minnesota? How do you handle the winters?" And the truth is, often in the middle of winter we will ask ourselves these very questions.

But the weather this week is the reason we live in Minnesota. Spring got a jump start and the celebration, joy and jubilee around here is something to behold. We had a subway picnic last night at a still ice-covered Lake Harriet wearing shorts and tshirts and the entire city was out there with us, running the lake, walking, celebrating the warm sun.

Rory was out working in his garden on Tuesday with Ivar and came in after having talked to two our our neighbors about their plans for their yards. One was grilling steaks as they talked. Rory commented that it felt like winter had never happened. They all picked up where they had left off in the fall, ready to plant trees, plant gardens and be outside.

With the early warm weather in Minnesota, we are also keenly aware that we could still get another snowfall before this season is past. We all know this, and it's why everyone is so intent to sieze the day.

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sarah in the woods said...

Cute pics! Glad you all are getting some of this springtime weather.