my belly

My cousin, Kristin, emailed me yesterday asking when I'd post pics of my growing belly. The truth is, we haven't even taken a picture yet, because there isn't a whole lot to show for these first four months and one week. But I've heard from everyone that this is quite common for a first baby. Annika said people (other than friends and family who already knew) couldn't tell she was pregnant until about six months.

Rory and I can tell though. My body has changed greatly, even though I can still wear all of my normal pants. In most outfits this little bump is covered, so for these pictures, I chose a strategic tank top and sweater top that I thought would highlight my little bump nicely.

My guess is that one of these days I will wake up and it will be much, much bigger. But it's also funny just not knowing how I'll end up carrying this thing. For now, I'm feeling good, healthy, strong and love that my baby is now the size of a turnip (even though I had to google what a turnip looks like...)


sarah in the woods said...

Sweet little turnip baby!

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Elsa said...

Awww... lovin' the baby bump!