the turnip is legit!

We just go back from church and lots of people pointed out my belly! I think it's for real this time. I have fallen for a baby bump many, many times during these first four months, always to watch it disappear by the morning.

But on Wednesday, Rory pointed it out that my bump was a bit more round and distinguished. So I went to look in the mirror. He came in the bathroom with me and said, "suck it in as hard as you can this time." So I did, and much of my tummy didn't go anywhere. Then I let it out and he said, "careful not to shake the baby!"

I am so glad I just got that story written out.

On Friday I asked my boss, Pastor Brad, if he could tell, and he claimed he couldn't...but I think that is just a wise thing to say if you are a guy and a girl asks you if you think her tummy is getting bigger.

But, here's the kicker: when I lay down now, it still bumps up. Even last weekend, it would disappear the moment I lay on my back, but now it's got some height all of its own.

So the turnip is here. Hooray for the baby bump!


Marlene said...

Oh, you are so funny!! I can tell you're just pushing that little tummy out there as far as you can!! In a few months from now, you'll remember this day!!
Love you!

annika said...

Love it! You will only feel this way for a first pregnancy, so enjoy! It is very exciting, huh?!

Anonymous said...

Oh Becca,
How I can read your excitement, and it just makes my heart so happy for you! May God continue blessing your pregnancy!

Shannon said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING the stories and the photo!