claire helen's emails

My niece, Claire Helen, has her own email account. Obviously this is completely supervised by her folks, but I LOVE getting emails from her, and then replying directly to her (again, through her mom or dad...)

Today I woke up to this note in my inbox:
Hi Becca-
What do you think you want to name your baby? I think if it's a girl you can name it Betsy or Tacey. If it's a boy, you can name it Tom. Or Jasper.
Love, Claire

I love that I was able to just hit reply and send her a little note and know that at some point today, she'll read my message too. It absolves me of my aunty-guilt that wishes I sent more fun packages (well, any fun packages) and surprise notes in the mail.


annika said...

so fun to be emailing with CH! i wonder what names she'll think of for our baby. mara is pushing for Lila and Sonna wants Katie Leu. (:

Stephanie said...

CH would love to name both of your babies! Probably one Betsy and one Tacy at this point, but I have a feeling if she gets through Anne of Green Gables before the births there will be at least one Gilbert. She certainly thinks about naming them a lot and is so excited to meet her two new cousins.

I think she was genuinely surprised when we came home from the hospital with Penny and we hadn't used her suggestion- Dorothy Lightning. (Though to be fair Dorothy was actually on our extended possibilities list.)