U, G, L, Y: You ain't got no alibi, you're ugly!

So. I was in the grocery story this weekend and came across this fruit nestled between the grapefruits and tangerines.

I saw it and thought it looked sort of moldy. Unsure of why they would put out moldy fruit, I looked closer and saw that this fruit has a sticker on it: UGLI. The fruit is actually called an Ugli fruit. I felt so sorry for it. (My ability to personify inanimate objects has always been outstanding and so clearly an ugly grapefruit looking thing was able to stir my heart.)

I stood there for a moment, thinking that on my worst day, I am fortunate not to have an UGLI sticker stuck to my forehead.

I picked one up, put it in my cart, came home, curious as to what this thing might taste like (personification of object officially over here). And in the end, it is much like a huge orange that is so stinking juicy it had to be eaten directly over the kitchen sink. There actually was more juice than fruit inside of each section. Refreshing and delish. Not ugly at all. If you get the chance, get yourself an ulgi fruit. I believe I should wrap up with some wise comment about how it's not whats on the outside but...


annika said...

Mara liked this post and asked, "mom, can we get some ugli fruit?". Good idea!

LearnHowToMakeBows said...

Wow I have NEVER seen an UGLI fruit before! It does look like a tangerine that has been sitting in my fruit bowl for a few weeks too long though! :) Glad it was tasty! Thanks for sharing!!

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Becca Groves said...

Annika, lover of all things citris, you will love this thing.

Jenn, I looked around at your site and was surprised I had never heard of Quilling before!

Unknown said...

We love Ugli(r) Fruit! Thank you for highlighting it! http://nutsaboutfruit.blogspot.com/2010/01/dont-judge-citrus-by-its-cover.html