humble pie.

Ahhh!!! I am laughing/frustrated screaming right now. Because that sweet tutorial I put together?!! That one that teaches you how to use a Reader? Well, I was wrong on part of my recording and now the whole vimeo world knows it...and will know it FOREVER!

So. Turns out, if you have gmail, you can just click on the Follow button on the side panel and just by clicking and adding your face to that list, the blog will appear in your google reader. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Why did I make an entire tutorial to explain this?!!! A girl might just want to make sure she knows what in the world (wide web) she is talking about before she goes and makes any more tutorials. Until then, I'll stick to stories and scrapbooks.

The rest of the tutorial is still accurate...and I still stand behind a Reader. Just know that you can subscribe and you can follow, and to be so honest, I don't have a clue what the difference is between the two. (seems like subscribing is more private and following is public?!!) But I'm done pretending to be the expert!

Please forgive me!

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Beth said...

It's okay, Becca! We still love you!

And most probably didn't even realize your techy-faux paus.

Well, maybe just Rory.