some more short stories

I wrote earlier about my new found love of the short story and how I am on a quest to find more great short story authors. Well, my first attempt was horrible. I got an audio book from the library because the title had god and love in it and it seemed like it would be good. But the whole first story was sick and immoral, lame and so unoriginal I didn't bother finishing the first story, let alone suffer through the others.

So this weekend I went another route. I have had these American Girl books around since I was ten and decided to read them through this weekend. They were so good, I was left seriously wanting my own Kirsten doll! Might just have to have a little girl before I can actually justify myself getting a doll at age 28. But, if you have a little girl, you must read these books to her. Maybe it's because I'm Swedish and from Minnesota and have great great grandparents who came to America to make a farming life for themselves, but I really enjoyed these sweet stories.

And then, on Saturday, I got the MOST WONDERFUL package in the mail. My friend Amanda had read my shout out for good short stories and sent me this book! She said she saw it at the bookstore and just decided to get it. Honestly, an unexpected, thoughtful gift might just be one of life's greatest surprises. I can't wait to crack this one. Thanks so much Amanda!


Renee said...

I'm enjoying your posts on short stories! I picked up "Sweet Land", both the book and movie, and am thinking about how I or another staff member might be able to start an activity here. You're awesome!

Becca Groves said...

Renee, I think you're going to really appreciate the movie. My guess is that you could show this one and then have a fabulous conversation of storysharing after watching it. Sweetland shows the church in a negative light, but that might be an interesting conversation starter too...

Enjoy it all! Book and video!