Spring Break 2018

We didn't take any days off of homeschool for a spring break this year. Honestly, our days run so much better with our normal routine that I'd rather do a normal day than break the rhythm. So we kept chugging along. But then last week the weather turned glorious and our farm to-do list grew by the minute. Rory needed our help and so we stopped our normal school and got to work.
And we got so much done! We still can't really look at the master to-do list without feeling utterly overwhelmed so last Monday we hung a whiteboard so that at the end of each day we can write our Got Done List. And this helped us to feel so accomplished. As we should! We did so much. I took pictures of three of the days just to document for posterity...)

At one point we realized that Spring Break likely was originally for this very purpose...for the children to help with planting. Now days it has turned into warm weather destination vacations, but originally it was likely to help on the farm. So we called the week Spring Break and Rory said, "there is no other place in the whole world I would rather be or rather be doing than right here, planting seeds." And I agreed. It was a glorious, satisfying week.

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