one thing a day

How sweet is this? Rory is walking Miracle back to his stall in the barn. Miracle had followed Rory back to the house and then stood in front of the big window baaing for his friend to come back outside. 
I feel like I'm out of words this month. I have tons of pictures, but when I write anything out it sounds I don't have much creativity left beyond the photographs. I think all of my extra creative juices are going into the work being done around here. I believe Infrastructure is the word that will describe our year. Everything we are doing this spring has to do with systems and structures. Each day Rory has us answer this question, "What is one thing we can do today that will make tomorrow easier?" It's a really great question and puts different items on the top of the list that haven't been at the top before.

Tasks can be small or large. We started with putting a gate on the temporary garden fence. Last year we never had a gate and had to take the chicken wire off of five spots on the T-post to get in and out. We already love our slick garden gate.. Now we're building a fence all the way out to the orchard to help us get the sheep from barn to pasture each day. We have the electric lines marked for building a taller chicken yard so our layers have more room in their yard and stay out of my yard (notice Hattie below...she has a definite love/hate relationship with those birds...) The list goes on and on. But it's so great. Each one of these projects will make our days run more smoothly. It's a fun question to ask each day.
One night last week it all sort of hit me that we're really doing this. That somehow our lives turned from urban and techy to rural and farmy. Even the Becca of 6 years ago wouldn't believe this all was coming. But here we are. Raising pigs. Reading books on rotational grazing. Building long fences and thinning the raspberries. I know we've been at it for five years, but I'm just saying that sometimes I still find myself surprised at my life!

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Susie said...

This is so heartwarming! I love the pictures !
I wonder if Miracle thinks he is a human :)

Please keep the kid, animal and farm photos coming!!