the best

I had just gotten Alden out of his crib and put him on Rory's lap. Ivar ran over to give Alden a good morning hug, and then Elsie wanted to greet him and then Hattie joined in. There's no better way to start a day.

I'm off today to a home school conference. I've talked about this one before and it's so good. It's mostly on motherhood and wifehood and homemaking and training all ages and stages. I am so excited. I always come home encouraged, inspired and reminded why what I am doing each day is so important.

Also, that man in the picture smiling back at me...I love him so much. I feel like we have been growing in love lately. That's always so wild when I can feel it. But I can. And we will continue to grow in love, deeper and deeper, year after year. What a wonder. Sometimes when we're busy around the farm flying from thing to thing, Rory will say to me, "I look forward to reflecting on all of this one day when we're old and in rockers on our front porch. Maybe we'll have time to process it all then."

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