farmer becca does the chores

I have a 4-year-old friend at church who calls me Farmer Becca. And you know, I'm starting to believe her. We just hit week number three of walking out to the barn every three hours to feed Miracle and I would have to say I feel like I can own that title. 

Getting out to the barn so often has made me really attached to our animals. And all animal chores have grown into something quite time consuming. We have a lot of animals this spring! I will often sort of lament having to go back out, but then something cool happens. It's warm and cozy in there and then you're greeted by big, friendly creatures who are so happy to see you again. They baa and maa and oink and snort and every time I remember that I really love it out in the barn.

Here's what we do each morning and evening for animal chores:
  • Heat milk and bottle feed Miracle (six times a day)
  • Give hay to Bubble Gum, December and Sugar Cookie in stall #1
  • Give hay to Fluffy Cloud, Miracle and Big Sister in stall #2
  • Give hay to Darcy the goat in stall #3
  • Pour corn feed into pig trough
  • Fill water bucket for the sheep of stall #1
  • Fill water bucket for the sheep of stall #2
  • Fill water bucket for Darcy in stall #3
  • Fill the water bucket for the pigs in stall #4
  • Walk back to the house and stop at the coop to fill the chicken feeder
  • Get water in the house and bring it to the coop and refill their waterer
  • Feed the cats in the garage
  • Give water to the cats
  • Feed the chicks in the bathroom
  • Change the water for the chicks
It all takes about 25 minutes. And if anything needs special attention it takes longer.

It usually takes me longer because I like to tell the animals that I love them. I have a real love for our goat, Darcy, right now. I have often called her our farm dog because she is loyal and so sweet. I spend a lot of time petting her head and telling her she's great and I'm glad she's our goat. And I smile at her a lot. When I first walk into the barn and am feeding miracle, she will put her front hoofs up high on the side of the stall to make herself real tall and I'll smile at her. 

And no lie, often, she will look right at me, curl up her mouth and open her lips just slightly to show me her teeth. I SWEAR SHE IS SMILING AT ME. I really think she is. And it's hilarious and awesome and the irony of chore time is that it never ends up feeling like a chore. It takes time. It is hard to get out to do it. But just like exercise, I am always in a better mood when I'm done, glad I spent my last 25 minutes taking good care of all the friendly beasts on our farm. 

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