playdates and possoms

For today's creative project I took a nap. I got Hattie down for her nap, lay my head on my pillow and the very, exact second I did, Alden woke up. So I brought him downstairs, fed him rice cereal and asked Elsie if she would set up a playdate for Alden so that I could sleep.

When I came back up with Alden she had the room all set for fun. So they played and I slept. It was a 20 minute power nap and I woke totally rested. It was awesome. And very creative.

In other news, we caught a possum in our garage this morning in a live trap. So Rory took the trap to a county park a few miles from here. When he got there, he found a friend of ours from church who was sitting in his car having just watched the sunrise. They were so surprised to see each other and chatted a bit asking what are you doing here? "Spending some time with the Lord in prayer." And you? "Oh you know. Just dropping off a possum."


Nancy Holte said...

Power naps are my favorite creative activity!

annika said...

Best big sister award goes to Elsiebelle!