watercolor hearts

Early this morning Rory and I were in the kitchen waiting for the coffee and saw the moon out our big kitchen window. I said, look how odd that is, what is causing that? Is there a cloud in front of it? Why is it that color? We looked at it for a long time and talked about how the heavens are always telling the glory of God.
Then a few hours later, I checked my email and found a blog comment from Martha, a good family friend from my home church growing up who mentioned seeing the lunar eclipse in Arizona. Ha! We were looking right an an eclipse and didn't know it! Hadn't heard it was coming, but are so glad we got to see it.
Anyways, on to more crafts. This was a fun one. Though I did it with my kids, which meant the table was shaking with Alden bouncing in his attached high chair, Hattie cycling through paints, play dough, markers and popcorn and having to comfort a sad daughter because "yours is better than mine!" So we had to stop to have popcorn and talk about what it means to be 5 and 36 and how there are some differences, like painting hearts on paper.
I hope to be able to convince her to keep going, because her hearts would turn out so much cooler, just by being more free form and less precise with her art. And now I'm hoping to find an 8x8 frame at the thrift shop. I believe that is what they call a needle in a haystack...

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