soaked oats

A friend of mine used to say she liked my blog because the topics were so varied and she never knew what was coming up next. I am thinking of her now as I move from marriage to oatmeal.

I love this oatmeal and have wanted to share it for so long. I get out of bed in the middle of the night if I realize I haven't started soaking my oats because I simply do not like regular oatmeal anymore. This stuff has ruined it for me. 

And it's easy to make! The day before I put a cup of old fashioned oats in a tupperware, just  barely cover them with water and then add a dollop of plain greek yogurt. I stir it up, put the lid on and leave it out on my counter. In the morning I boil a cup of water on the stove, add the soaked oats, heat until hot and then add raisins, pecans, cinnamon, salt and butter. 

It's a little sour because of the yogurt. And it's super-duper creamy and smooth. It's hot and filling and hits the spot every morning. I told Rory that it is more important to me now, than coffee. And over time I have been able to cut out the maple syrup I used to put on top. It's more savory and I prefer it that way.

It comes from the cookbook Nourishing Traditions, a really insightful book that has taught me so much about food and how we should be eating. I'm not sure why this is a healthier way to eat oats, it just tastes good to me. I first started eating this while doing my friend Cori's one week eating challenge which was over two months ago and I'm still going strong. 

If you want step-by-step instructions you can find them here.


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