thanksgiving 2017

We had a great thanksgiving, celebrating with the Groves clan at Kyle and Lisa's house. As always, Lisa made a turkey AND a ham. Lisa always goes the extra mile or eleven miles...
Her table was beautiful and Kyle had drawn a cartoon of each person as our place cards. We tried to come up with a caption for our cartoon selves, and mine was saying, "hmmm. now what did I come up here for?"
I like Thanksgiving so much. It just feels like there is time to enjoy each other on this day. We eat, we talk, the kids played on the swing set and Lisa and I took the babies on a long walk after pie. It's just a great, relaxed family day. Unless you're making the turkey and the ham, I suppose...
Jack and Josie were home from college and we celebrated Jack's birthday with a pumpkin pie. And I gave him a gift bag with no gift in it. Remedied quickly by remembering the gift was still in the car and was never, in fact, put in the bag.
 This picture was taken just before the kids were mugged on the playground.
 Just kidding. It was just Kirby. Praise the Lord!
Until next year, veggie turkey.

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