Thanksgiving 2017 #2

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to my parent's house for another day of family and good food. My brother and his family flew in for the weekend, and as always when they come into town everyone stops everything and we soak up every minute of together time. We only get to see these cousins once, maybe twice, a year, so it is special, special time.

This picture above is a new favorite. All 10 grandkids are in that room (Nellie is behind the green chair) and just hanging out. These ten are so, so great. And they are really great friends. On Saturday when we were going to bed Ivar told me, "mom, when Simon leaves, I am going to weep. He is so clever and creative when we play legos and hex bugs." They are a fun crew and really nice kids. I just love each one to PIECES!
I never got a picture of the whole clan, but I did get the 10 grandkids. And a few more involving board games and frosting sugar cookies. We played Family Hide and Go Seek again, adults were invited to watch a play where every kid died by the end (a real tragedy with no hope or redemption. I told them I needed more of an upper next time! ha!) and Hattie got non-stop attention. You can tell in these pictures that she decided she was a big kid. And her awesome big cousins let her be one.

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