It takes a Family

Monday night I was up all night with round ligament pain in my belly. Oh it hurt so bad. And I could hardly get comfortable. I had spent a lot of Monday moving big tubs of clothes as I changed everyone's dressers from winter to summer. I was bent over in the attic crawl space pulling them out and then I was carrying laundry baskets up and down the stairs doing laundry at the same time. I knew I was overdoing it, and that night my body told me that it also knew I was overdoing it. (I'm 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow!)

I woke up Tuesday morning and knew I had to lay low. Trouble was, my folks were coming and I was planning on grocery shopping and picking up two new chairs for our sunny room while they were here. So I called my mom at 8:00 and told her my predicament. And then emailed her a grocery list and the delivery number for the chairs. And she and my dad spent their morning doing my grocery shopping and picking up my chairs arriving at noon with my days worth of errands.

We put the groceries away and then I went to take a hot bath while Dad cleaned out my entire garage and Mom did Easter crafts with my kids.
I went from the hot bath into bed and took a long nap. And after I woke up Mom started making Chicken Salad for supper and Dad started vacuuming my whole house.
Oma Zina and Auntie Lisa arrived so that Lisa could help plant the garden with Rory. Zina asked if I had any laundry to fold. Ha! I had five loads! She worked with Hattie and folded my clothes like they have never been folded before. Her folding is really an art form...
Meanwhile, Lisa worked with Rory and Ivar to grid the garden so it was ready to plant. And while they worked, the rest of us had a picnic outside. It was cold. But delicious.
After supper Zina went to the raspberries and cut off last years berries so the energy can go into the new fruit. And Rory and Lisa planted onions, beets, potatoes and peas. Ivar and Elsie got really goofy and Hattie went to bed.
The day was absolutely dreamy. I hardly did a thing, but was so grateful to receive every bit of love and care. We now have a kitchen full of groceries, two awesome chairs in the sunny room, a clean garage, folded laundry, a clean kitchen, chicken salad for tomorrow, a garden that is underway, raspberries that are ready for the spring and crafts that are darling hung in my kitchen. And all I had to do was take a bath and a nap! It is fun to think this is how the family farm used to operate with generations living on one homestead. I think they had the right idea back then. It is just so good and satisfying and right.

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Krista said...

I went to a chiropractor all through out my second pregnancy and it helped soooooooo much with round ligament pain and all other fun pregnancy aches and pains!