A glorious and happy Easter

Do you see all that sunshine pouring in?!! That sort of sums up our Easter Sunday. It was a glorious day, full of resurrection and awe, basking in the glory of God. In Minnesota, a sunny, green grass, blue sky Easter comes around only every so often so I think we are especially grateful when one of these rolls around.

We started the morning by having the kids look for their Easter Buckets. Ivar's was in my white desk, but Elsie's was a bit trickier for them to find.
She kept circling the room and finally after Rory told her he was going to turn on the light to see if that would help, she found it hanging from the ceiling fan. They also got darling Easter lunch boxes from Mimi filled with candy and they were so thrilled. The morning was off to a good start.
We were going to wait for Hattie for the Egg Hunt, but she slept in until 9:15 that morning (!!!) which was awesome and crazy. And very helpful when she never got a nap the rest of the day...

I shared on instagram that just before this happy picture was taken below, one of our participants fell apart because his shoes and socks were "stocking wet!" from the dew on the grass. So the hunt had to stop while I gave him dry socks, rainboots, a kleenex and a pep talk. And then we went back out and joy was found again.
That picture above is a new favorite of mine. Elsie was into this hunt. Also, I hid two of each color egg for each kid. Which was brilliant, because they actually worked together to find every egg. Ivar would say, "Elsie! I already have my purple, but there is another purple over here!" Also, candy corresponded to the egg color, so they ended up with the exact same amount and kinds of candy. Remind me to do this every year.

Then we got all ready for church and I got the gift of a picture with my four kids. :)
We went to church and Hattie and I listened to the service from the infant room. It was a sweet time together and she kept making eye contact with me, loving that it was just the two of us for a whole hour and a half. I loved the time with just her. I'm not certain she ever really gets my 1:1 attention.

But she is not lacking for attention! That is for sure! We got to my mom and dad's house for Easter lunch and there she found cousin Mara in the flesh! Hattie walks around with a magnet of Mara's soccer picture and talks to it all day. And gives magnetic Mara rides in tupperware containers. She loves her Mara and Mara loves her right back.
Mom made her traditional meal and it was perfect. Ham and hot fruit on top, potato casserole, layered jello salad, relishes, peas, rolls, a green salad and Uncle Don brought two homemade pies: cherry and apple. And he makes unbelievable pies.
Hattie got a lot of attention from everyone. And she was very worthy of every drop. Mom and Dad's egg hunt assigned a color egg to each kid. Ivar was Blue, Elsie was Pink and Hattie was Orange. It meant that the orange eggs were basically throw on the grass. But Mara, the eleven year old, was Green. And her green eggs were a lot trickier to find. So smart.

Hattie walked around with Jedd for the hunt and he helped her find her eggs. There was something about her cardigan sweater, holding a basket and waddling around that made her look very much like an old woman gathering chicken eggs. It was so, so entertaining and darling.
The egg hunt was a huge success and the kids were very pleased with their six eggs each. We came back in the house and everyone talked. The kids and ladies all went for a walk and then came back and Mara painted Elsie's toe nails. We ate candy and some read and some napped and others of us just kept eating candy...

At the very end Hattie found Jedd putting on his shoes on her favorite little step. She was so pleased to have his company and they read a book before we all left to go home.
It was a great Easter. Full of the gifts from God: family and time together and celebration for what He has done in our lives. We have so much to be grateful for...the fruit of our family walking with the Lord is all around us. And it is good, good fruit. Thank you Jesus for bridging our sinful selves back to our Holy God. Alleluja!

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