in this season of life...

I thought of this post tonight while I took a hot bath and it made me laugh a bit and want to document this slice of life.

In this season of life we are playing Uno all. the. time. Ivar and Elsie love it. Hattie loves to grab cards close to the edge of the table. I enjoy the quick games and can't believe how long the long games can be!

In this season of life everything is about being fair. Raisins are counted. Cheerios are counted. Mothers are losing their mind. Two halves are measured against the other. Apple sauce levels are scrutinized. You would think these children were starving. You'd think this mom was unskilled at cutting things fairly. You'd think there was a shortage of cheerios.

In this season of life there is always dried toothpaste on the bathroom counter.

In this season of life Elsie changes her outfits four times a day. I once explained to her that only the dirty outfits need to go in the laundry basket, and eventually I figured out that those outfits are actually all dirty. Elsie wins for most laundry every single week.

In this season of life our couches are taken apart daily for forts and every blanket, chair and table are utilized to make large, amazing, precarious structures.

In this season of life we have spaghetti once a week because everyone cheers when I tell them that spaghetti is the plan for dinner.

In this season of life our toilet paper is either in a pile under the dispenser or piled back on the dispenser after someone found it unrolled on the floor.

In this season of life we all watch Rory leave in the morning and wave to him from window #1, and quickly move to window #2 and #3 as he drives down the road. He is well loved.

The thing that made me laugh about this list, as I thought about it in the tub, is that we will likely be in this season for the next many years! Baby #4 is starting this whole train from the beginning, and I guess I just see a lot more Uno, forts, spaghetti, dried toothpaste, unrolled toilet paper and dirty laundry in my future!


Emily Torgerson said...

Fun post!

I'm sure you know this, but if you don't it's worth sharing. For fairness, if you have to cut something in half, one person cuts it, and the other person gets to pick first which half they get.

Another favorite phrase in my class, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."

Sending good spring vibes!

Unknown said...

Dear sweet Becca!
I have a handmade spring card I am sending you to cheer you up and keep you on the path with all your joy intact. It's a little bit of paper love from us to you. You are doing such a great job raising your kids. I don't know how you do it. They will love reading your blog and seeing these photos when they are all grown up. (This comes from someone who has never had kids. No voice of experience here!)
We are well into spring in Kansas City, so Minnesota can't be far behind. Every day I set out my 16 homegrown 1-gallon pots of tropical milkweed for the monarch butterflies. (My children, I guess!) 🦋 We so enjoy your blog!
Love, Cathy & Chuck

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Y to the ES on the toothpaste EVERYWHERE! What is it about four-year-olds when they're learning to spit out the "big-kid" toothpaste that renders them completely unable to hit THE SINK???

Ah yes. I feel your pain, sister. #thestruggleisreal