the first watermelon of the season

I have blogged about this a few different years. It seems I think the first watermelon of the season is a very big deal. Because it really is. It marks the start of a whole six months of possibility, projects and good produce.

I should tell you though that this watermelon cost me ten dollars. For real. I had an appointment today with my midwives and they sent me to the Co-op to get magnesium and fish oil and right in the entry way they had samples of this organic-all-the-way-from-mexico watermelon. And it was amazing. Crisp and cold because they were in a bin outside, I grabbed a nice heavy one on my way in the door. I did the math in my head and knew this was going to cost me, but I had to have it.

Of course, Rory would never ever understand this. He would never support spending ten dollars ($9.73 to be exact) on a watermelon. Or any produce. Which is why I made two transactions. I paid for the vitamins with our joint account, and paid for the watermelon from my Fun Money debit card. You may already know that at the first of the month we each get Fun Money that is solely ours to spend. My clothes, shoes, haircuts, outings with girl friends, gifts and watermelons come out of this little account. It means I can spend money on nice shampoo and not have to explain it later to Rory. Anything that I think will come up later at a budget talk is purchased with my Fun Money card. It has saved us many a money argument throughout the course of our marriage.

That said, it seems I'm always out of my Fun Money while Rory saves his for months until he has enough to buy a surveillance camera to see what is roaming in our garden at night. But I tend to spend my Fun Money. Rapidly. At this moment I can't afford new shoes, but my belly is really happy that it is watermelon season. And thankfully this ten dollar watermelon did not disappoint.

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Jennifer Prod said...

such a happy story about your priorities. love that you find enough pleasure in simple things (like watermelon) that your fun money funds the sweet treat <3