bee friendly seeds: on sale now!

I'm just so excited about this and also really proud. Our bee-friendly seeds are now on sale over at The Grovestead. Rory has worked diligently researching the seeds we would sell and ordered from various vendors to ensure these seeds are not genetically modified. He figured out the packaging and design and last night put the final details on the payment page. As of this morning, the seeds are now on sale.

I was thinking about how excited I get when I'm driving on an interstate and see one of those blue signs with a little sign for a Jimmy Johns. That's my favorite place to eat on a road trip. And how basically each person who plants honey bee friendly flowers is setting up a little buffet for honey bees. Bees will fly for miles in a day looking for good pollen and nectar. I'm imagining them getting just as excited to find our little bee friendly gardens as I am when I find a Jimmy Johns.

Please bop on over to The Grovestead to check it out. He's got pictures and details of the flower seeds we are including, frequently asked questions and a brief back story. If this interests you at all, please join in and plant a bee friendly garden and help us spread the word. It's a bad feeling to feel helpless. It's an awesome feeling to feel like there are little things we can all do that might make a world of difference.

So now, go! Check it out!

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Paige Lathrop said...

Becca, this is simply wonderful!!! I cannot believe all the time, energy, and research that has gone into this new business of yours and Rory's! Simply remarkable and for such a worthwhile cause. Kudos to both of you and all of your hard work! Now I know just where to shop for the perfect gift for all of my garden-loving family & friends.